CDC: Yes, You Can Catch Ebola from Being Sneezed, Coughed on–or by Having Sex

Posted by Kristinn Taylor on Friday, October 24, 2014, 10:56 PM

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has posted a ‘new Ebola fact sheet’ (in PDF form) that explains via text and illustration that Ebola can be spread by coughing or sneezing.
ebola cdc cough

The CDC also casually mentions at the end of the ‘fact sheet’ Ebola can be spread by having sex with an infected person.

The CDC document’s main point is to differentiate between airborne and droplet spread infectious diseases and explain that an infectious Ebola cough or sneeze might travel up to three feet in droplets of bodily fluids.

“Airborne spread happens when a germ floats through the air after a person talks, coughs, or sneezes. Germs may land in the eyes, mouth, or nose of another person.

“If a germ is airborne, direct contact with the infected person is NOT needed for someone else to get sick. Airborne spread diseases include: chickenpox, tuberculosis.

“Droplet spread happens when germs traveling inside droplets that are coughed or sneezed from a sick person enter the eyes, nose, or mouth of another person. Droplets travel short distances, less than 3 feet (1 meter) from one person to another.

“A person might also get infected by touching a surface or object that has germs on it and then touching their mouth or nose.

“Droplet spread diseases include: plague, Ebola.”

The CDC included a few helpful guidelines to “protect myself from getting sick”, one of which will alarm those who haven’t been paying attention to how Ebola can live on surfaces for hours and infect unwitting people via doorknobs, for example. (Don’t tell Dan Savage, please.)

“Wash your hands often with soap and water. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

“Cover your cough! Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue in the trash after you use it.

“Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

“Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

“Germs spread this way.

“Clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces like doorknobs, faucet handles, and toys, since the Ebola virus may live on surfaces for up to several hours.

“Is Ebola airborne?

“No. Ebola is not spread through the airborne route nor through water or food.”

The document closes with an ‘oh, by the way you can catch Ebola from sex.’

“Is Ebola spread through droplets?

“Yes. To get Ebola, you have to directly get body fluids (like pee, poop, spit, sweat, vomit, semen, breast milk) from someone who has Ebola in your mouth, nose, eyes or through a break in your skin or through sexual contact.

“Air, food, and water do not carry the Ebola germs.”

Of course, it is hard to avoid Ebola infected people when they take taxis, ride the subway, go bowling, dining and jogging after the CDC lets them in the country from Ebola hot zones via ‘enhanced screening’ at airports.



Report: Non-Citizens Could Decide Midterm Election – 80% Vote Democrat

Posted by Jim Hoft on Friday, October 24, 2014, 7:51 PM

Now we know why Democrats loathe voter ID laws.
They depend on fraud to win elections.
Democrats need the 100% turnout in inner city precincts, dead voters and non-citizens to keep control of the working class.

voter fraud

The Washington Post reported:

In a forthcoming article in the journal Electoral Studies, we bring real data from big social science survey datasets to bear on the question of whether, to what extent, and for whom non-citizens vote in U.S. elections. Most non-citizens do not register, let alone vote. But enough do that their participation can change the outcome of close races.

Our data comes from the Cooperative Congressional Election Study (CCES). Its large number of observations (32,800 in 2008 and 55,400 in 2010) provide sufficient samples of the non-immigrant sub-population, with 339 non-citizen respondents in 2008 and 489 in 2010. For the 2008 CCES, we also attempted to match respondents to voter files so that we could verify whether they actually voted.

How many non-citizens participate in U.S. elections? More than 14 percent of non-citizens in both the 2008 and 2010 samples indicated that they were registered to vote. Furthermore, some of these non-citizens voted. Our best guess, based upon extrapolations from the portion of the sample with a verified vote, is that 6.4 percent of non-citizens voted in 2008 and 2.2 percent of non-citizens voted in 2010.

Because non-citizens tended to favor Democrats (Obama won more than 80 percent of the votes of non-citizens in the 2008 CCES sample), we find that this participation was large enough to plausibly account for Democratic victories in a few close elections. Non-citizen votes could have given Senate Democrats the pivotal 60th vote needed to overcome filibusters in order to pass health-care reform and other Obama administration priorities in the 111th Congress. Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) won election in 2008 with a victory margin of 312 votes. Votes cast by just 0.65 percent of Minnesota non-citizens could account for this margin. It is also possible that non-citizen votes were responsible for Obama’s 2008 victory in North Carolina. Obama won the state by 14,177 votes, so a turnout by 5.1 percent of North Carolina’s adult non-citizens would have provided this victory margin.

Previously: Based on North Carolina Study: National Voter Fraud Numbers May Have Reached One Million in 2012



Good Grief… Hillary Clinton Says, “Don’t Let Anyone Tell You, It’s Corporations and Businesses That Create Jobs” (Video)

Posted by Jim Hoft on Friday, October 24, 2014, 5:45 PM

Would the last remaining Democrat who’s not a Communist please stand up?

Hillary Clinton told a Massachusetts crowd this week:
“Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.”

That’s just dumb.

The Democrat Socialist plan for America:
** More unemployed Americans
** More debt
** More poverty
** More welfare
** More food stamps
** More disability
** Lower economic growth
** More Poor
** More regulations
** More government control

Hillary bashed corporations and businesses.
The Politico reported:

Hillary Clinton hit Elizabeth Warren country on Friday, repeatedly praising the anti-big banks Massachusetts senator for going after “those who deserve” it, while rallying voters to put embattled Democrat Martha Coakley in the governor’s mansion.

Clinton spoke last at a rally featuring Warren, whom some liberals hope will take on the former secretary of state in the 2016 race for president. Warren, who recently seemed to open the door toward a future campaign just a crack, delivered a stemwinder against special interests before Clinton took the stage.

Instead of ignoring Warren’s presence, Clinton killed her with kindness.

“I am so pleased to be here with your senior senator, the passionate champion for working people and middle class families, Elizabeth Warren!” Clinton exclaimed, going on to sound one of her most populist messages since she hit the campaign trail two weeks ago. “I love watching Elizabeth give it to those who deserve to get it.”

…In her own speech, which lasted four times as long as Warren’s, Clinton blasted trickle-down economics and tethered its supporters to outsourcing of jobs — a charge that Coakley’s team has used against her rival, Republican Charlie Baker.

Clinton said trickle-down economics “failed spectacularly,” and she also hit progressive touchstones such as paid sick leave and raising the minimum wage.

“Don’t let anybody tell you that raising the minimum wage will kill jobs,” Clinton said. “They always say that.”

“I’ve been through that. My husband gave working families a raise in the 1990s,” Clinton said, saying she herself voted for raising the minimum wage when she served as a senator from New York. “Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.”

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, the New Democrats continue to show that they know nothing about economics and that they are all Socialists at heart.
God, help us.


ISIS Releases Video With Aussie “Ginger Jihadist” – Threatens to Behead Tony Abbott and Barack Obama (Video)

Posted by Jim Hoft on Friday, October 24, 2014, 5:30 PM

ISIS released video with Australian Abdullah Elmir this week.
The so-called “Ginger Jihadist” threatens to behead Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Barack Obama in the video.
ginger jihadist isis
Abdullah Elmir says in the video:

“And to these leaders. To Tony Abbot, to Obama, I say these weapons that we have, these soldiers, we will not stop fighting we will not put down our weapons until we reach your lands. Until we take the head of every tyrant and until the black flag is flying high in every single land.”

The ISIS crowd around him then cheers, “Allahu Akbar!”

Emir’s relative called the 17 year-old a “stupid idiot” this week.
He told his family he was going on a fishing trip when he went missing.


2014 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Told 2009 Peace Prize Winner to Quit Bombing People

Posted by Jim Hoft on Friday, October 24, 2014, 4:30 PM

The 2014 Nobel Peace Prize winner lectured the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner on bombing civilians.

McClatchy reported:

The teenager who became the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize Friday told President Barack Obama at a White House meeting last year that she worried about the effect of U.S. drone strikes.

The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan, as well as Kailash Satyarthi of India, for pushing for young people’s rights, including the right to education.

Malala, now 17, made international headlines after being shot in the head by the Taliban on a school bus two years ago for promoting education for girls in Pakistan. After recovering, she took her campaign for children’s education across the world, writing a book and even speaking at the United Nations last year.

After she found out she won, Malala delivered a statement after classes ended Friday at her school in Birmingham, England. She thanked her parents, especially her father, for “not clipping my wings.”

Malala Yousafzai, a young teen in Pakistan, wanted to attend school like her brothers and wrote about it on a blog. Because of this, the Taliban boarded her school bus and shot her in the head.

paki girl
The Taliban fighters asked for her by name before shooting her in the head.

The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to India’s Kailash Satyarthi and Pakistan’s Malala Yousafzai for their struggles against the suppression of children and for young people’s rights earlier this month.


SHOOTING at Marysville High School in Washington – 2 Dead – 3 in Critical Condition (Video)

Posted by Jim Hoft on Friday, October 24, 2014, 3:21 PM

There was a shooting today at Marysville-Pilchuck High School in Washington state.
The student opened fire on students in the cafeteria before shooting himself.

The shooter was mad at a girl who wouldn’t date him.
So he shot her.
The Seattle Times reported:

Two students are dead after one of them opened fire Friday morning in the Marysville-Pilchuck High School cafeteria before turning the gun on himself, according to law-enforcement sources.

Police said four other people were wounded in the 10:45 a.m. shooting.

Austin Joyner, a student at the school, said on Twitter that he saw the shooter come into the cafeteria, walk over to a table, pull out a gun and shoot students who were sitting there. Jarron Webb, 15, said the shooter was angry at a girl who would not date him, and that the girl was one of the people shot.

Students reported pandemonium in lunchroom after the shooting, with dozens rushing for doors and then jumping a fence to escape.

Freshman Austin Wright said every exit in lunchroom was jammed with kids escaping gunfire. “I heard three gunshots and I ran.”

FOX News reported there are three students in critical condition.

UPDATE: Two law enforcement sources identified the gunman as Jaylen Ray Fryberg, a freshman at Marysville Pilchuck High School, north of Everett.


SHOCK VIDEO>>> NYC Police Seen Tossing Ebola Gloves, Masks into Trash Can on Street!

Posted by Jim Hoft on Friday, October 24, 2014, 1:28 PM

Do not panic. All is well.
New York City police officers were seen tossing their Ebola masks and gloves into a trash can on the street.
The officers were seen walking near Dr. Craig Spencer’s apartment building.
police nyc

But don’t worry. It’s not like anyone goes dumpster diving in New York City(?)
Via The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson:


NYC Muslim Axe Attacker Promoted Jihad Warfare – May Have Had Ties With #ISIS (Video)

Posted by Jim Hoft on Friday, October 24, 2014, 11:46 AM

On Thursday, Muslim Zale Thompson attacked four police officers with a metal hatchet.
ax attack

Thompson, who was stalking the officers, axed one officer in the arm and another officer in the head.

Zale Thompson promoted jihad warfare on Youtube.
Daniel Greenfield at FrontPage Magazine reported, via Religion of Peace:

Commenting on a Caliphate Youtube video titled, “UPRISE OF THE KHILAFAH WORLD WIDE”, Zale Thompson (Muslim name unknown) responded to a man complaining about the insanity of ISIS beheadings and general bloodshed.

“Zale Thompson Sep 13, 2014

If you’re looking for “perfect” muslims who never make any mistakes in their Jihad, then you will be looking in vain! If the Zionists and the Crusaders had never invaded and colonized the Islamic lands after WW1, then there would be no need for Jihad! Which is better, to sit around and do nothing, or to Jihad fisabeelallah!”

Robert Spencer posted this explanation of Zale’s words.

“Fisabeelallah” — for the sake of Allah. Jihad for the sake of Allah refers in Islamic law specifically to jihad warfare.

Thompson’s Facebook page:
zale thompson facebook

Zale Thompson may have ties with ISIS.
Vocativ reported:

Law enforcement sources we spoke with identified Zale Thompson as the armed man who charged at a group of NYPD uniformed police assembled on a street corner in Jamaica, Queens, at around 2 p.m. today. The 32-year-old Muslim, who lived in Queens, struck one of the officers in the back of the head with his hatchet and gashed another on the arm, the police said…

…Law enforcement sources say a look into Thompson’s chatter online revealed he had ties to a radical U.S.-based radical Islamic leader who advocated aggression against the American government.


“Radicalized” Muslim Agitator Threatens Swift Reaction to Non-Indictment of #Ferguson Officer

Posted by Jim Hoft on Friday, October 24, 2014, 11:11 AM

“Radicalized” Muslim Agitator Threatens Swift Reaction to Non-Indictment of #Ferguson Officer

Eric Vickers, a top staffer of far left Democrat Jamilah Nasheed, who was arrested this week drunk and packing heat, was behind a protest movement to shut down Metrolink during the Cardinals’ playoff games.

Muslim leader Eric Vickers describes himself as “radicalized.”
eric vickers st louis

Now, Eric Vickers is threatening a swift reaction if Officer Darren Wilson is not indicted by a St. Louis County grand jury in the shooting death of Michael Brown.
FOX News reported:

Law enforcement officers expect to receive at least a day’s notice before a grand jury announcement. That should provide time for them to execute security plans but may also allow demonstrators to prepare.

“The moment I learn that there is, in fact, a non-indictment, then there’s going to be an organized protest,” said Eric Vickers, a black St. Louis attorney and civil rights activist.

Brown was unarmed when Wilson encountered him walking in the street with a friend. A scuffle ensued and Brown was shot multiple times. Witness accounts of what happened varied, with some people saying they saw Brown raise his hands as if in surrender.

Muslim Eric Vickers describes himself as “radicalized.”
The River City Examiner interviewed Vickers:

“There was black power and black pride…It radicalized us.”

Vickers feels that victories such as this most recent one are fueled by his Muslim faith, a belief he entered while in law school. “It’s the essence of me. I do the daily prayers, five or more. I’ve made the pilgrimage to Mecca. This Ramadan will be my 30th.”

Vickers was named the Executive Director of the American Muslim Council and he began working for the rights of fellow Muslims.

Vickers also admitted on national TV that al-Qaeda is “involved in a resistance movement.”


MO Senator Calls for Suspension of Travel Visas From Ebola Countries (Video)

Posted by Jim Hoft on Friday, October 24, 2014, 10:48 AM

US Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) called this week for a temporary suspension of travel visas for passengers in Ebola-stricken countries.

Senator Blunt made the announcement this week during his interview with Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet The Press.” Blunt discussed several aspects of the Ebola outbreak.

Senator Blunt told “Meet the Press” the Obama administration’s response to the Ebola outbreak is the latest example in a long list of government failures.
The Hill reported:

The public’s concern about Ebola is largely due to their mistrust in the government mishandling on scores of other fronts, Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) said on Sunday.

Blunt said that many Americans had lost their trust in the government since it has proven incapable of dealing with other crises.

“I’d be careful about overdoing this, but I also understand that if it were one incident where people thought the government wasn’t doing what people though the government was supposed to do, it’d be much less of a reaction that we see now,” he said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Now, people see a “long list of the government being one step behind, whether it’s the border, the IRS, the Secret Service,” he said.

“Now this health concern is more real than it would be if there wasn’t a sense that the government is just not being managed in a way that we would want it to be managed.”

One key demand from many lawmakers is for the Obama administration to ban travel from the West African countries worst hit by Ebola.

Blunt said travelers visas from those countries should be temporarily suspended to prevent them from coming into the U.S.



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